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Meg Merrill Mediation

Support for Changing Families

Serving Oregon and elsewhere on-line.

It is important that you choose the right mediator or coach for your family.
I offer free consultations to help you make that decision.


Whether you are starting the process, or need to update a previous agreement, mediation provides you with an opportunity

to make important decisions in a safe, neutral space  (more)


Mediation is often a part of the placement process. Some families need support making agreements about custody, visitation and communication with grandparents or other extended family members.  (more)

2013-01-16 (8) 0098.jpg

Creating a step-family, when moving in with a new partner or marrying, can be a trying time for

all family members, especially kids.  But it can be done in a way that minimizes stress for all! (more)

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