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Mediation and Coaching Services

Mediation is a creative, collaborative and confidential process that can save you and your family from the stress and
financial strain of traditional litigation. My mission is to create a respectful decision-making space for
changing families wanting to make important decisions about their children, and/or their new non-spousal relationship.
In mediation, we address the issues that matter most to you. I manage the process while you make the decisions.
I integrate co-parent coaching and education into joint sessions as needed but I also provide separate coaching services. 
*Virtual and telephone appointments available.


Divorce and Separation Mediation and Coaching

Whether you are starting the process, or need to update an agreement, mediation is an opportunity to make important decisions - such as how to talk to kids about divorce, parenting time, communication, plans for pets - in a safe, neutral space.  I integrate co-parent coaching into mediation, which can help strengthen co-parenting relationships and skills. I often partner with legal mediators, attorneys and financial experts to meet your needs throughout the divorce process.

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Step Family Mediation and Coaching

Whether you are moving in with a new partner or re-marrying, this can be a trying time for all family members, especially kids. It can sometimes be more stressful than the divorce itself. But it can be done in a way that minimizes stress for all!  I provide both mediation and coaching services to help families make a healthy transition. Getting professional support through this process is a gift you can give your new partner and your children.


Individual Divorce Adjustment Coaching for Co-Parents 

Divorce is a time of transition, loss, and opportunity. It is difficult to manage the process, while grieving, supporting kids and rebuilding your life. Doing you own work can create healthier co-parent relationships and happier kids. We can work on building co-parenting skills, coming up with developmentally appropriate proposals for your Parenting Plan, or other issues to help you feel supported and move forward.


Adoption, Guardianship and 3rd Party Mediation

Mediation is often a part of the placement process. Some families need support making agreements about custody, visitation and communication with grandparents or other extended family members. Every child's story is unique and the services families receive should be as well. In mediation, adoptive/ guardian families and biological families work together to best meet the needs of their children, so they can grow up with clear expectations, surrounded by love.


Other Mediation

I mediate a variety of personal, family, business, and community issues. Feel free to email me for a free 15 minute consult so we can assess whether my services are a good fit for your needs.

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